Tape extensions

Hello guys! 


As I recently made the change from bond to tape extensions, I thought I would to share my opinion on the differences between them and of my experience at the salon I got them done in, Salon Edwardsandco. Ive been getting a lot of questions about my hair so hopefully this will be useful to any of you interested in getting them or making the change! 

The difference between the two approaches is quite significant, so I would definitely recommend looking into which one is most suitable for you before committing to one. 

I had bonds for just under two years and I’d say their biggest advantage is the fact they can stay in for almost 7 months, compared to bonds which require changing after just three. However the tapes are completely reusable and their removal is actually so easy in comparison to the bonds. Overall the tapes are cheaper so the shorter time span is not an issue.


Personally, the tapes have been better for improving the condition of my hair, particularly because I can cut it more often and they do not require extensive heat like bonds do. This has been great for counteracting how thin and short my hair is currently. I have found the only real consequence of the tapes is that they are bigger and a bit harder to do ponytails or buns, bonds tend to be a bit more comfortable of me. 

I would really highly recommend getting them done in Salon Edwardsandco. Brendon did my hair and I was so happy with his work! First of all he colored my hair and really thoroughly explained the full process to me. His assessment of the structure of my hair resulted in him deciding not to color it too much. I was really pleased with this as the health of my hair is very important to me, the color turned out so well so even if you’re just looking for a hairdresser to do foils I can honestly recommend Brendon. 


The salon itself is extremely convenient as there are many stores across the country and are very well connected. This makes it really easy to maintain your hair even if you move city. I will definitely be continuing using Salon Edwardsandco in the future. 


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  1. Great post! I enjoyed reading it, I was considering to get tape hair extensions for a really long time, couple years ago I had the micro-beading hair extensions and they were great, but they made my hair really weak.

    I will definitely follow for future posts!

    Feel free to checkout my blog as I post about beauty and skincare too! gravitybeauty.blog/
    And checkout my IG: r.gravityblog


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